RiverArts Flash Exhibit: "Imperfection" (room one)

Flash Exhibit: Imperfection (room one)

Perfection may be an ambition, but as a destination, it is unreachable. In any attempt to achieve perfection, it is all too easy to discount, discard, and devalue the perfectly imperfect sites along the way. RiverArts invites you to prioritize the journey rather than the destination; the process, rather than the final product, in an online flash exhibit exploring the theme of Imperfection.

  • Works-in-progress, sketches, unfinished, and works that didn’t work out as planned are encouraged, as is any artwork that reflects on the theme of imperfection. 
  • The exhibit is open to work in all mediums, submitted as digital images for exhibition online. 
  • Artists of all ages may submit up to two pieces of original work. 

Online exhibit: Monday, March 8 through Friday, March 26

Please visit the two viewing rooms for this exhibit:

Click here for (room one)

Click here for (room two)

Scroll down to the comments section on this page to see alternate views and stages of the artistic process for some of the works in the exhibit.

We welcome donations to support our mission, “Growing community, creativity, and connection through the Arts."

But, what is a Flash Exhibit?

In this time of rapid change and unpredictability, RiverArts introduces the Flash Exhibit: an online art show offering an opportunity for artists to show their work and for the community to connect with artists and their work in the context of the current moment. Less formal than a traditional RiverArts exhibition, a Flash Exhibit showcases the work of the talented artists in our community in a format of exploration and spontaneity. We invite artists to invite audiences into the process of art-making at any stage along the journey from the initial inspiration to the finished work.

Banner image attribution: Pedro Meier Atelier Impression »Work in Progress«, 1996, Old Tannery Aarburg, photo © Pedro Meier Multimedia Artist, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Registration Info

Registration for this exhibit is closed.

We welcome donations to support our mission, “Growing community, creativity, and connection through the Arts.”


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