Virtual Legacy Day Exhibit-2020

Legacy Day 2020- A Virtual Exhibit

RiverArts is proud to present the art & craft from several talented, local black artists.

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Meet the Artists:

Kevin Harris

Kevin Harris is a native of Chestertown Maryland. He studied commercial art in high school, and graphic layout at the Visual Arts Institute in Baltimore. He has been painting on and off for over thirty years. His rebirth as an artist occurred three years ago, and since then has focused on abstract work representing African American culture with an emphasis on spirituality and experience in the African American community today. His highly original work is painted on glass, from behind with acrylics and other mediums.

He says: “This is what God led me to, and me saying thank you to God. I use acrylic latex with other mediums on glass, painting blind from the back of the glass. I started pencil drawing in the seventh grade. Painting came later. God and recovery is why I got back into painting on glass after 30 years.”

Allen Johnson

“I live in Quaker Neck, Kent County. I have lived there all my life, except [for] ten years in New Jersey. I am 79 years old. I grew up in Quaker Neck in a very rural country setting near the water. As a child, I went to segregated schools. After school, I had farming chores to do as well as collecting wood for the woodstove which my mom cooked on. My father worked on the water, and we often went crabbing, fishing, and oystering. Sometimes we would use a boat and other times we would use a seine net from the shores. I am too old to do that now. Today I do wood carving, sculpture, and painting. I have always been interested in art, even from the first grade. As I got older, I went to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and majored in Agriculture, but I quickly switched to Art. I like urban settings mostly for the arts, but my love is for the rural settings of the woods and water, both of which are a big part of my art. The country life is part of me and my art. What art piece am I most proud of? That piece is not done yet.”

Allen has been painting and wood carving for over 50 years. He carves masks, birds, and human figures. His paintings include water scenes and musicians.

Derick Johnson

Sam Shoge

Sam Shoge launched Shore Studios in the Spring of 2017 to deliver commercial and consumer drone applications to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Using the latest in sUAS (small unmanned aerial system) technology, Shore Studios can capture aerial content--in the form of 4k video and high-definition photography--that is beautiful, engaging, and cost effective. 

Prior to having his entrepreneurial spirit ignited, Shoge began flying drones recreationally after receiving a DJI Phantom 3 Standard during the holidays. Shoge spent countless hours honing the craft of aerial photography and videography using his first drone to fly throughout Chestertown and Kent County, Maryland. After his video highlight reels of Chestertown, Betterton, and Washington College captured more than 50,000 views on Facebook, Shoge quickly realized the Upper Eastern Shore was severely lacking in commercial drone services. Thus began the journey of launching Shore Studios. 

Gordon Wallace

I've titled this series of photographs "Answering the Question".

I am currently reading the last book Martin Luther King Jr. wrote which was titled "Where Do We Go From Here? Chaos or Community". This book was written in 1968. With all the current events happening over 50 years after this question was asked. I believe we are now going to find the answer to this question. I currently do not have the answer, but I believe the moments that are being captured are important because no matter what the answer is, Chaos or Community, these photographs capture the beginning.

Gordon Wallace is a recent graduate from Stevenson University with a degree in Digital Marketing. He is a native of Kent County who is currently starting his own digital marketing agency in Chestertown, MD named Pick6Digital. He has been using his photo journalism talents to record the recent Black Union of Kent County and the Social Action Committee for Racial Justice's events occurring in Kent County and the Black Live Matters rallies happening across the Eastern Shore.


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