Salon Discussion: Dave Harp - Art, Environment, & Harmony

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RiverArts and ShoreRivers present #shoreriverarts - October Conversations on Art & the Environment

What do art and environmental stewardship have in common? They are both powerful ways that we work in and for our communities, express shared values, and help build the future we want to inhabit. In October, RiverArts and ShoreRivers will cocurate a special series of Salons exploring how Conservation, Justice, Family, Harmony are essential tools in our response to the crises of climate, coronavirus, and racial injustice, just as they are essential elements for a life of joy and meaning.

Each Tuesday in October from 5 to 5:45 pm, join our organizations at the RiverArts Salon to celebrate the abundance of good works being done. Be inspired, learn something new, and participate in actions that will benefit our rivers and our community.

Tuesday, October 27: RiverArts & ShoreRivers Salon with Dave Harp - Art, Environment, & Harmony

My early inspiration to photograph the people, flora, and fauna of the Chesapeake Bay region came from a book by Aldo Leopold called “A Sand County Almanac.” In the forward to the book he wrote that land should be treated like a community of which we are a part rather than a commodity that we buy and sell.

That community is no more vibrant nor more interdependent than on the edge where land and water meet and where culture and place conspire to form the very essence of the Chesapeake Bay. From the human communities that have evolved around crab and oyster and fish, to the complex web of life in the Bay’s salt and freshwater marshes, I try to emphasize the beauty of that watery world but also what we will lose if we don’t pay attention to the natural systems that sustain it.

–Dave Harp

Dave Harp's stunning photography and Meredith Davies Hadaway's lovely music came together in this Salon to literally bring down the heart rates and blood pressure of those who attended. Do yourself a favor and watch the video above to share the relaxation, as well as a lively discussion. Find about blue heron condominiums, meet generations of Chesapeake Bay watermen, and hear about the future of the Bay and the Eastern Shore.

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