Salon Discussion: Darran Tilghman & Tim Trumbauer - Art, Environment, & Justice

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RiverArts and ShoreRivers present #shoreriverarts - October Conversations on Art & the Environment

What do art and environmental stewardship have in common? They are both powerful ways that we work in and for our communities, express shared values, and help build the future we want to inhabit. In October, RiverArts and ShoreRivers will cocurate a special series of Salons exploring how Conservation, Justice, Family, Harmony are essential tools in our response to the crises of climate, coronavirus, and racial injustice, just as they are essential elements for a life of joy and meaning.

Each Tuesday in October from 5 to 5:45 pm, join our organizations at the RiverArts Salon to celebrate the abundance of good works being done. Be inspired, learn something new, and participate in actions that will benefit our rivers and our community.

Tuesday, October 13: RiverArts & ShoreRivers Salon with Darran Tilghman & Tim Trumbauer - Art, Environment, & Justice

Tim Trumbauer is your Chester Riverkeeper, a tireless advocate pursuing a vision of clean water to sustain the Eastern Shore and the people who live here. Darran White Tilghman, ShoreRivers' newly appointed Director of Community Engagement, supports Tim and the other Riverkeepers in creating an inclusive, empathetic organization that can achieve lasting change. Tim and Darran led an inspiring and encouraging conversation about environmental justice and building the future we hope to inhabit—including how you can help.

Notes from the conversation

Some key points included:

  • We are so lucky to live near the Chester River. Unfortunately, it is polluted, but the good news is, restoration is possible with things like rain gardens, agricultural wetlands projects, and other actions.
  • Access is a really important part of Environmental Justice: who has access to our waterways, and what does that mean for inclusion, equity, and the health of our social fabric? Greater access leads to increased environmental stewardship.
  • Art is a language that helps us cultivate hope and playfulness, both of which are essential to caring, including about protecting and nurturing the environment.

the movement to preserve the environment will be seen to be… not a digression from the civil rights and peace movements, but the logical culmination of those movements.

Wendell Berry

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