July 6: The Artist's Way

The Artist's Way

By Julia Cameron

14 Wednesdays - July 6 through October 5, 7-8 pm

On Zoom for 1st thirteen sessions, with an in-person celebratory meet-up for dinner at the end!

Join Sharon Herz & Ann Farley for this accountability & inspiration group as we read & work through this influential book. Sharon & Ann are simply there to guide the group -- and we may see if each participant would like to take the lead on one week's discussion.

This program requires the use of the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. We will be using the 25th anniversary edition. Check with The Bookplate or your local bookstore to see if they have a copy! If you'd like a new journal & special pen, visit The Finishing Touch in Chestertown!

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Sign up now! 10 people max -- and we expect this to fill quickly!

Who is this for?

Anyone with a creative side. Spoiler: That's ALL of us. We invite all artists of any kinds -- painters, sculptors, teachers, actors, writers, dancers, singers (etc. forever) -- to use this guide to unblock their creative selves.

How will it work?

We will read Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way together. One chapter each week. We will meet for a virtual check-in on Wednesdays to discuss any discoveries, challenges, and experiences. This safe space will serve as an accountability and inspiration group. We ask that participants be 18+ and ready to read. It is a significant time commitment to participate weekly.

Week One will be a general introduction, and we ask that you come having already read the book's introduction and forward. It's okay if you're behind on a given week -- others will share and you can catch up! 

What else?

This guide challenges us to re-inspire and redicipline our creative selves. There is a writing component and an "artist date" component each week. Don't worry though—you will never have to share anything you write. If participants wish, we may start a private Facebook group to connect with other members, share thoughts, and receive encouragement.

Thanks to Circle Theater in Fort Worth, TX, for giving us permission to use their The Artist's Way group materials & descriptions.

Registration Info

Although you can work through the book entirely on your own for free, we have been advised that people are more likely to stick with the entire program if they pay to participate. Your payment will go to support RiverArts' overall arts programming in our community.

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RiverArts is committed to accessible programming and to compensating artists and instructors fairly. We are offering classes on a 'pay what you can' basis. Those with limited funds are welcome to enjoy full access to the class for a small donation. Those who are able are invited to pay more to support access to art experiences for all.


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