Sue Wright Shawl Auction

triangular hand knitted lace shawl

Master Knitter and longtime RiverArts member Sue Wright offers a beautiful triangular hand knitted lace shawl, in 100% hand dyed silk yarn.

Sue tells us this about the yarn she used: The yarn that made that shawl is 100 % silk and hand dyed, but not by me. The dyer, Melinda created Tess Designer Yarns when her daughter Tess was a very small child and she named the company after her small daughter. Tess is now an adult and a partner in Tess Designer Yarns as it has continued to be a leader in hand dyed yarns in the field for many years. 

Proceeds from this auction benefit RiverArts programs and operations during the COVID19 pandemic.

Minimum Bid: $325

Value: $500

Email bids ONLY to Mark Hower at

  • Mark bangs his gavel at 5 pm on Friday, July 10.
  • Local delivery within one week.
  • Non-local shipping options negotiated as needed. We'll make it work for you!

Sue Wright is a Master Knitter, certified by the Knitting to Guild of America, and a certified Knitting Instructor. Her interest in Fiber Arts is of long duration, completing her first hand knit sweater at age eleven. She has been teaching beginning and experienced knitters for 20 years in Maryland and Maine.


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