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Featured Photography Club Photos August 11

Please contact Steve Kane at to share your photos in the Photography Club. Participation in the club is always free, and all are welcome, from advanced photographers to beginners coming for the first time.

Rodney Lester, After the Storm

This photo was taken on Rodney's front deck at Gratitude in Rock Hall after a storm on July 31. The flower is about 1/4' wide produced by an African succulent (a type of Kalanchoe) that seems to gather droplets.

Note on Composition: Closeup nature photographers are always trying to get the perfect water droplet shot. Rodney nailed it here. In this large droplet you can actually clearly see what looks like a house and some trees. Notice the refraction phenomena where the image is upside down. 

William Trainor, Clock at Train Station

This Verdin antique "post' clock first appeared in the Eastern United States about 1870. These clocks were frequently placed in front of city halls, train stations, banks and other public locations. This one appears in front of the train station in Kensington, MD.

Notes on Composition: Bill recognized the timeless nature of this clock and gave it and the background a special treatment in post processing so that the image would become a dignified reminder of our past and a legacy for the future.

Len Saltiel, Barn Light and Shadow Play

The photo was taken in June 2015 near the town of Endicott, Washington which is located in the area known as the Palouse. The area has a lot of abandoned buildings and it is important to document them. 

Notes on Composition: This photo was taken at an unusual angle and emphasizes all the different parallel lines and parallelograms. That and the profuse light and shadow may somewhat disorient the viewer. Len is almost forcing you to take an extra moment to look at this photo. Did he know that the roof was going to collapse and the building would be seen no more?


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