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Featured Photography Club Photos for August 17

Carol Neiman, Cat Cocoon

The peaceful colors of the green and blue against the fluffy grey ball of fur spoke to Carol and said, "look but don't touch - I'm sleeping." Taken at The Cat Colloquium on High Street on August 5th.

Note on Composition: Carol is learning how to use her new iPhone and correctly got up close to take this perfectly sharp photo. She captured the feeling of the peaceful sleeping cat all 'cozied up.'

William Hildebrand, From Behind

Bill went in back of this beautiful red Hibiscus to capture the shape from behind the sun to accent the transparency of the bloom and foliage producing this beautiful image. 

Note on Composition: Bill took the time to see the 'not obvious' perspective that made this picture so unique. I would call it a 'kaleidoscope abstract.'

Phyllis Ryan, Curiosity

Two springer spaniels contemplating a teddy bear sunflower.

Note on Composition: Sometimes the creativity in photography is not in finding something that already exists to shoot, but to compose your own image like this interesting table top study or still life.

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