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Featured Photography Club Photos for August 24

Skip Vanderslice, Eastern Shore Dampness

One recent morning after all of the storms Skip's yard was covered with all sorts of mushroom type things. For this shot he set the camera on the ground and tried to clear away most of the view obstructions so that he could get a glimpse of whatever was going on 'under the hood.'

Note on Composition: Skip rightly chose to shoot this mushroom from a low perspective to accentuate the height and clearly show the ribbing in this 'birdbath.'

Dawn Miller, Heron in Brazil

Dawn was on a small river craft in Brazil's Pantanal. In a piranha filled river the heron dove and caught a fish as she snapped the shutter with her long lens on her Nikon D3.

Note on Composition: Dawn caught the decisive moment; fish in the bill, wings outstretched, the wonderful splash. Also notice the bird is moving into the picture. She got everything just right.

Steve Kane, Inspecting the Canus

Steve also caught the decisive moment. He just happened to look up from shooting butterflies and saw this sight. He was fortunate to have his long lens ready to shoot with the right settings on this camera, as this wonderful opportunity only lasted a few seconds.

Note on Composition: Steve knew it would take an exposure of about 1/4000 of a second to freeze this hummingbird's wings. The plain blurry background was a perfect setting for this delicate bird.

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