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Featured Photography Club Photos for August 31

Lew Gayner, Painted Eggs

Lew's wife’s Mother was an accomplished China painter as these eggs should attest. Shirley was gathering some to give to his kids and this photo opportunity came to mind. Her soft but precise personality is very much in evidence he hopes.

Note on Composition: Lew did capture his mother-in-law's personality in this photo. Good close- up keeping the soft focus look with just a hint of the tray in the background.

William Hildebrand, Busy Butterfly

Bill has been practicing taking butterfly pictures all this summer and wants to make his compositions more than just run of the mill butterfly images.

Note on composition: Two things stand out on this composition. There is perfect focus on the eyes and head where it needs to be and a wonderful floral bouquet of matching color, foreground and background.

Len Saltiel, Harbor View

Len took this photo from his room at the Marriott in Newport, Rhode Island. The photo was cropped to a panoramic view to eliminate part of the sky in the background and part of the buildings in the foreground. This was done to accentuate the subject of the view, namely the harbor with its many boats lit up in soft evening light.

Note on Composition: Unusual landscape in that the buildings in the foreground take up almost half of the scene. But it works in this photo as it gives context to the main subject--the boats.

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