Studio Tour 21

Breon Gilleran

Mixed Media, Steel

“I’m a practitioner of the metal and plastic arts, a designer, a print maker and occasional curator. Before Covid I was working on a commission for an outdoor sculpture made of steel and glass designed to turn in the wind. I finally developed a functional prototype and I'm excited to share my research with visitors. My ideas reveal themselves through the process of investigation, invention and imagination, so the gas forge, welding equipment and simple hand tools are what I use to render found objects, steel and mixed media into structures, novel forms and animated relationships. I'm inspired by surreal or mechanistic bodies and structures in the natural world, especially cosmic catastrophes. I use surfaces, planes, and primitive mechanisms to energize space but still the viewers’ recognition may be contingent and uncertain. Through visual quotation comes discovery, delight-in-making, and a sense of awe, of "being" in the world.”

Visit Breon’s Studio at:

Fairlee Forge

22540 Goose Hollow Drive, Chestertown MD 21620


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