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Introducing Camp RiverArts

Welcome to Camp RiverArts!

During the hot, sticky dog days of summer, just when the allure of the season may be starting to wear thin with one too many itchy mosquito bites, jellyfish stings, or ant-filled picnic sandwiches, Camp RiverArts comes to the rescue!

With daily ideas for exploring Chestertown and free hands-on projects and activities for people of all ages, your friendly camp counselors will provide fun and purpose when summer begins to feel just a little too endless. Projects, outings, and challenges will appeal to parents, kids, and full-grown adults alike—and no one has to drink bug juice, come home with a duffel full of dirty laundry, or sleep on the ground in the rain.

Check back here, or read your Daily Dose newsletter weekdays starting Tuesday, August 4 to join the fun!