Christine Kamon

Artist Bio

Christine has been pursuing her passion for quilting for 35 years. Based on time honored traditional patterns, her work has a fresh and exciting feel of abstract and original contemporary designs. She approaches her craft with enthusiasm and creativity at every turn. With bursts of color and geometric diversity, Christine offers a visual feast for the viewer. Christine's quilts are primarily wall art or table decorating items, not your grandmother's wonderful bedquilts.

 Christine received her BS in Design and Environmental Analysis from Cornell University.  She has taken quilting classes from a great variety of national and international quilt teachers.  She has taught classes for a number of years with beginning quilters being her favorite students.  She loves creating new followers to this artistic and comforting endeavor.  Christine’s home is a gallery of quilts, with quilts hanging from almost every wall and over every chair and couch.  She has yet to venture onto the ceilings…..but it has been discussed, much to her husband’s dismay.

Just a note: Our apologies -- our slideshow images do not display the full work. Just click on the link below to see each work individually and displayed in the dimensions the artists chose.

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Cell: 484-678-0613


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