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Daily Dose - April 17, 2020

Hello friends,

Happy Monday, everyone! First things first: There were some errors in last Friday's notice about the RiverArts Salons starting this week. The date is Tuesday, April 21. Not April 19, that would have been today, and I was simply not ready today. So,if you can join us Tuesday, RSVP via email by noon on that day, Tuesday, April 21. The second, I daresay less grave but still important error was that there is no 'e' in Arts Rivières. Je suis désoleé. See below for more details on this new event! 

I've noticed the sun is setting later and later these days… it feels odd that time and the seasons haven't stopped along with the rest of the world, but evidently the earth's path around the sun has not been affected by the coronavirus, the closure of schools and nonessential businesses, or even the first cancellation of March Madness since 1939. 

With the light lasting longer into the evenings, our Lights of Hope windows and even the holiday lights many of us have rehung to brighten up our neighborhoods have less chance to be appreciated. There is another idea though, which is a perfect action item for the RiverArts community. 

Click here to read on nurse.org about the "Rainbow Hunt" spreading around the globe as a demonstration of solidarity, good cheer, and encouragement, as well as a way to give kids and adults a safely physically distant activity and something to look for and look forward to while walking. The idea came from Europe and has taken root all over the US. The video below is from a Filipino family in the Netherlands. 

Shall we try this in Kent County? Or is it already started? Send photos if so! 

Wash your hands, get outdoors,

Create something, keep in touch

Maria Wood, Executive Director

RiverArts Salons/Les Salons des Arts Rivières

Tuesdays from 5 - 5:45pm, beginning April 21. On Zoom

Join us for a lively community conversations on engaging topics in the creative arts and beyond.

  • Connect with friends you haven't seen in a while
  • Inspire and be inspired to share your inner passions and quirky interests
  • Participate in a friendly, meaningful interactive event where everyone gets to contribute and connect

Image: Jean François de Troy, Reading from Molière

A salon is a social gathering in which individuals come together to engage in the art of conversation and exchange ideas in pursuit of knowledge and fellowship. In a salon, a salonnière facilitates a shared discussion on a selected idea or issue in any field from the arts, sciences and culture to philosophy and politics.

Public Sphere Salons

Click here to read more about Salons of the 17th and 18th centuries, and some of their 21st century successors.

Un Salon des Arts Rivières, a RiverArts Salon, is a (virtual) place to learn something new, share ideas, explore interesting topics, see and be seen, and have fun. 

All are welcome, but space is limited: email DailyDose@chestertownriverarts.org by noon on Tuesday, April 21 reserve your spot. 

Elegant attire encouraged. Guests supply their own hors d'oœuvre et vin.

KidSPOT Corner: Ice Cream Contest

Jonathan Chace, our favorite First Friday Libations Consultant, and RiverArts Environmentally Sustainable Glassware Initiative Co-Chair has posed a challenge to the future sculptors and portrait artists in our community.

Jonathan says:

"This contest is about being aware of our anatomy. It's only for children under 10 years of age. There are 10 parts of the body spelled with just three letters. No bad words. No compound words. No plurals. Hint: You can touch all but one. The first to submit all ten gets a ice cream cone on me at Stam's new ice cream shop, when it opens (soon, we all hope)."

Email your answers to dailydose@chestertownriverarts.org

Thank you, Jonathan!

On This Day in (Mostly) Arts History

  • 1908: Lionel Hampton, African-American vibraphone player, pianist, bandleader, and actor (d. 2002) was born.
  • 1895: Emile Christian, American trombonist and composer (d. 1973) was born.
  • 1850: Daniel Chester French, American sculptor, designed the Lincoln statue (d. 1931) was born
  • 1840: Odilon Redon, French painter and illustrator (d. 1916) was born.
  • 1611: First known performance of Shakespeare's Macbeth at the Globe Theatre, London.
  • 1535: The sun dog phenomenon is observed over Stockholm, as later depicted in the famous painting Vädersolstavlan.

Image credit:  Jacob Heinrich Elbfas, Vädersolstavlan

Arts Trivia

The first person to email the correct answer to dailydose@chestertownriverarts.org gets a shout-out in tomorrow's email. 

Photo Credit: Julia Margaret Cameron, The Echo, Model: Hatty Campbell

Luca Buvoli’s Astrodoubt and The Quarantine Chronicles

Click here to read on Artandobject.orgabout a "disoriented and vertiginous reflection on science, modernist utopias, geo-political fantasies, illness, environmental crisis and paranoia." 

The artist, Luca Buvoli of MICA, plans to post a new mini-episode or related images almost daily for the duration of the quarantine.

Artist Credit: Luca Buvoli, Are We Alone in this Apartment?, (Astrodoubt)


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