Eugene Adcock

Artist Bio

Since 2006 I have created art pieces from the most natural, tactile and beautiful materials on earth – wood. Depending on the material I harvest locally, my work can “turn” out to be earthy statements, eye-catching serviceable, or Pop Art fun. In short, my wood art is all about artistic craftsmanship, fun and enjoyment.

I am an active member of the American Association of Woodturners, the Chesapeake Woodturners of Annapolis Maryland and the San Diego Woodturners, California (yes, I’m “bicoastal” with daughters on both).  

Just a note: These images on the slideshow above are meant to give you an impression of the artist's style -- some are work on sale, others are examples of past work. Our apologies -- a technical problem occasionally causes the slideshow images to display the work oddly cropped. To see all of the work currently available for sale through River Arts, and displayed in the proper dimensions, just click the link below.


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