RiverArts Salon: Finding a Home for Creativity in Chestertown with Fredy Granillo

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Tuesday, February 16: Salon with Fredy Granillo: Finding a Home for Creativity in Chestertown

Fredy Granillo talked about his journey to find a home for his diverse creative pursuits in Chestertown since 2016 and some of the ways being an artist is different in the United States than in El Salvador. Music, pottery, murals, and paintings have all been highlighted at different moments.

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Fredy Granillo is a Salvadoran musician, painter and ceramist. He graduated from El Salvador’s Autonomous National University in 2012 with a degree in ceramics. His thesis was a collaboration with Japanese archeologists to recreate pre-Colombian ceramic decoration methods.  After performing with the Andean style band Yarabi between 2003 and 2008, he has become a dedicated sinter-songwriter. He recorded his first album 'Todo Esta Normal' (Everything is Normal) in 2012. He has performed in El Salvador, California, New York, and the D.C. area.  His talavera work began in the Capri workshop next door to his aunt's house when he was just 11 years old. He painted ceramics off and on for 15 years. He has been producing his own talavera ceramic pieces since 2014.  Fredy lives with his wife and son in Chestertown, Maryland. 

Creating in Color: Artisan Fredy Granillo

Granillo teams up with WC staff and students for mural

Banner photo credit: Caroline J. Phillips from Edible Delmarva


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