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QuickKit #4 - Holiday Ornament - full kit with glazes

Kit includes: 1 Ornament, 1 firing coupon, 1 paint brush, 3 colors of underglaze (red, yellow, blue)

Cost: Only $15!

Level: EASY


Paint an ornament -- get as detailed as you like!

Choose your ornament time from a variety of designs when you visit the Clay Studio to pick up your kit. Limited quantities of different ornaments are available.

You will be given a brush and the primary colors that you can mix as needed to create the colors you want. Red + yellow = orange, red+ blue = purple, blue + yellow = green, mix all 3 together to get brown. Please note that only the underglaze provided with this kit can be used. No other paint product can be substituted.

After you complete your project, just bring it back to the clay studio to be fired.

Do you have extra underglaze or need more than 1 ornament? Don’t feel like you need to buy the full kit again. We also offer a partial kit (Quick kit #5) that just has the ornament and firing coupon.

After purchasing, you will be contacted by Dianna Frymiare, Clay Studio Manager, to arrange a time to pick up your kit from the Clay Studio.

Please note that during the pandemic, the studio is closed for normal business. This may affect the speed in which your piece will be fired. Please plan accordingly. Appointments can be requested by contacting Dianna at 610-457-6237.

Click here to purchase this Quick Kit for only $15!

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Click here to purchase this Quick Kit for only $15!


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