Katherine Johnson

Artist's Statement

I am a Creative Artist and love designing one-of-a-kind hand-painted silk scarves, garments, wall art, and accessories. Silk Art is a process of applying dye with a brush to silk material. By hand painting on silk I create one of a kind scarves, accessories, wearable art, pillows, and other lovely creations. In addition some silk art is created through marbling processes, wax resist, and use of gutta and other resists. Each and every design is unique.

Nature is my inspiration and my travels locally and abroad bring in the rich colors and textures you see in my work…the blues of the ocean and Chesapeake Bay, magentas and reds of tropical flowers, browns and ambers of fall woods and America's west. I incorporate both bold colors as well as softer shades into my hand painted designs using fiber reactive dye on silk. The designs are both abstract and representational. All show my love of color and beauty. I am excited to share these flowing creations.

In addition I offer cards and canvas reproductions of my larger silk paintings. These range from my quiet Serenity Lotus design to my Joyful Poppy design. The Joyful Poppy received the Craft Award at the 2015 Academy Art Museum Members show. In addition, I had two juried entries in the Silk Painters International Festival Fashion Show in 2016. I am a featured artist at various art leagues, shows, and galleries across Maryland. I create each work of art influenced by the changing seasons and abundant water and wildlife on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Each design is original and one of a kind. I delight in sharing my joys and inspirations through this special medium of dye and silk.

Just a note: These images on the slideshow above are meant to give you an impression of the artist's style -- some are work on sale, others are examples of past work. Our apologies -- a technical problem occasionally causes the slideshow images to display the work oddly cropped. To see all of the work currently available for sale through River Arts, and displayed in the proper dimensions, just click the link below.


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