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Lesley Campana

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I have had a lifelong fascination with fiber. It started with my grandmother teaching me to knit at the age of six. Now I’d rather not say how long ago that was. Then followed embroidery and needlepoint. It is just shy of twenty years ago that I found my passion for weaving. At this point I concentrate on weaving and have three looms. I’m sure I would have more looms if I had the space. I am fascinated by different weave structures and like to make my own designs. I also enjoy woven shibori which involves dyeing the finished pieces. Shibori is fun because the end result is a mystery until the ties are removed. Most of my work is in the form of one of a kind scarves and shawls, however, I also enjoy producing table linens.”

Just a note: These images on the slideshow above are meant to give you an impression of the artist's style -- some are work on sale, others are examples of past work. Our apologies -- a technical problem occasionally causes the slideshow images to display the work oddly cropped. To see all of the work currently available for sale through River Arts, and displayed in the proper dimensions, just click the link below.

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