Mary Troyer

Artist Bio

Mary Troyer grew up in the Amish community near Lancaster, PA on a dairy farm. Her and her husband moved to the Eastern shore of MD in 1987 and raised their three children here. Mary is a self-taught artist. Some of her favorite subject matter for her water color and acrylics is from their poultry/beef farm in Kennedyville, MD. The eastern shore holds an abundance of natural beauty, as well. And yes, there is something special about Chestertown! In fact, her first endeavors with watercolors were of the Chester River and the 2016 ‘Paint The Town’. Thank you for your interest in my work, and of the local artists at the Chestertown River Arts Gallery.

Just a note: These images on the slideshow above are meant to give you an impression of the artist's style -- some are work on sale, others are examples of past work. Our apologies -- a technical problem occasionally causes the slideshow images to display the work oddly cropped. To see all of the work currently available for sale through River Arts, and displayed in the proper dimensions, just click the link below.

Mary's work that is currently available for sale through RiverArts here.


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