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QuickKit #2 - Make a Memory Tile

Kit includes: 1 - 4 x 4 tile of lowfire clay and 1 coupon redeemable for firing in the RiverArts Clay Studio

Cost: Only $10!

Level: EASY


This is the perfect opportunity for you to create your one-of-a-kind tile, depicting a special occasion or just for something to do during a rainy day. Some great ideas are to: capture your fur family’s paw print. How about to celebrate the new baby? You can make a hand or foot impression. Wouldn’t it be fun to do one every year? Kind of like a growth chart. How about making impressions of flowers or leaves in your garden? Keep that in mind for Mother’s day too! Wouldn’t that make a lovely memory for your mom to use her favorite flower impression? Feel free to go crazy and creative. You are only limited by your imagination.

In your kit, you will get all you need to complete your piece. All you will have to do, is bring it to the studio with your firing coupon and the rest is up to us.

Click here to purchase this Memory Tile Quick Kit for only $10!

After purchasing, you will be contacted by Dianna Frymiare, Clay Studio Manager, to arrange a time to pick up your kit from the Clay Studio.

Please note that during the pandemic, the studio is closed for normal business. This may affect the speed in which your piece will be fired. Please plan accordingly. Appointments can be requested by contacting Dianna at 610-457-6237.

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Click here to purchase this Memory Tile Quick Kit for only $10!


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