Auction: Naked Raku Lidded Vase by Chris Neiman

Stasis: A Naked Raku Lidded Vase by Clay Studio Potter Chris Neiman

Surfaced with terra sigillata and fired in a one step naked raku process, beautiful patterns dominate this lovely lidded form.

From the artist: This stunning vase is made from Standard 239 raku clay and transformed by the unpredictability of fire. If you are interested in owning a truly unique piece for display in your home or business please place a bid and help RiverArts continue its community mission.

Click above to see Chris make this vase, step by step!

Title: Stasis

Item Value: $250

Minimum Bid: $75

Description: Naked Raku Lidded Vase. 9.75" x 5.75"

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Auction runs from 8am Monday, August 24 to 5pm Friday, August 29. Highest bid at that time is the winner. 

Payments due via credit card online by 5pm Monday, September 1. 

Local delivery within one week.

Non-local shipping options negotiated as needed. We'll make it work for you!

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