Nathan King

Artist Bio

Nathan King is a resident of Rock Hall, Maryland, and has been doing blacksmithing for over 10 years. In fact, his eighth birthday party was a blacksmithing party. Blacksmithing has always fascinated him, the sparks, the fire and the ability to move red hot metal into any shape you want It has been his interest for a long time. In creating his art he likes to explore new methods and ideas to see how different shapes and figures look when combined together. Everything he makes is done all by hand so rest assured, he is confident that if you decide to purchase one of his items it will be one of a kind. He is a graduate of Kent County High School and is currently attending Rochester Institute of Technology pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. You can follow him on Instagram at: nathan_king32

Find Nathan's work for sale HERE.

See a video of Nathan forging a bottle opener HERE


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