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Featured Photography Club Photos for November 3

Steve Kane, Leaf with Jewels

I took this photo right after a morning rain. This is a great time for a photo shoot. I also found some interesting spider webs with droplets as well as some very wet flowers, all interesting subjects.

Note on Composition: Steve nailed the focus on many of the drops on this very closeup shot and managed to bring out the beautiful jewel like colors on them. Often, we don't notice the beauty all around us. We just have to pay more attention to our surroundings and learn to see!

Carolyn Gabel, Witch Catastrophe

I spotted this witch on a neighbor’s tree. It was a foggy morning, Air Traffic was following bigger aircraft, so I guess she just got lost in the fog. 

Note on Composition: Keep in mind that humorous photography is a genre all its own. It's often a category in photo contents. Considering it was halloween a couple of days ago, we couldn't resist including this very funny composition. Kudos to Carolyn for thinking to take the shot.

Sue Basener, Fall Hydrangeas

After gathering a bouquet of end-of-season hydrangeas, I noticed how the colors blended with a painting on my wall. I decided to create a still life using window light, a black velvet cloth and a handmade clay pot for texture.

Note on composition: Who thinks to photograph hydrangeas past their prime! The colors and texture go so well with the painting. Notice the light coming from the left and how the blue glass vase contrasts nicely with the rest of the picture. The slight underexposure brings out the richness of the colors as well.

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