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Featured Photography Club Photos for October 13

Skip Vanderslice, Bus at Granite Garden Gallery

We drove to Maine last July. One of the highlights of our trip was a visit to The Granite Garden Gallery in Sullivan where this interesting bus caught our attention. It looked operational, but unfortunately the owner wasn't available to provide us with any details about the customized vehicle. The Garden isn't too far off of US 1 and is definitely worth a visit if you are ever in the area.

Note on Composition: The image of this bizarre bus demands us to make up a story to go with the picture. Who is the probable eccentric that built this vehicle? Why? Does he drive it around? Is this part of some kind of entertaining show? A photograph like this just makes us stare a while and smile.

Caroline Gabel, Fall Orchestra

The bouquet is taken to express the kind of glorious passion that a Beethoven Symphony inspires in me. I can’t compose, can’t play an instrument, but can use the camera to express the same power, I hope.

Note on Composition: Sometimes, a riotous explosion of color is all we need to make us happy for a few moments, at least. Caroline accomplished this for me in this totally sharp and well composed floral closeup.

George Drake, Adkins Arboretum Meadow

This is a 400-acre native garden and preserve on Maryland's Eastern Shore featuring acres of meadows, woods, and water with numerous nature trails open to the members and public for hiking, biking, and photographing nature. This photo was taken from the top of a raised audience platform along the South Meadow Loop/Goat Path.

Note on composition: We hardly see the walkway to the path. But the hint of it is all we need to begin the leading line to the small sign at the end, as the path disappears into the trees. And just a hint of sky is all we need as well. Sometimes we need to give the viewer just enough of certain elements in the image to excite her imagination.

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