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Featured Photography Club Photos for October 20

Bob Miller, Red Poppy

I was lucky enough to spot this lone poppy in my backyard a couple of days ago. I saw an opportunity to create a kind of Asian look and feel by closing down my aperture and focusing on the flower, causing most of the background to be out of focus.

Note on Composition:  A single sharp bright red poppy is set off against a mostly out of focus background of more muted colors that create a wonderful bokeh. One can't help but be attracted to this photo. It would stand out if shown in a group of photos.

Phyllis Ryan, The Last Dahlia

The last fall dahlia of 2020 was brilliant white enhanced by the contrast created by the blue crystal vase. I took this photo indoors with natural window light.

Note on Composition: I appreciate that Phyllis nailed the white balance perfectly. The flower is pure white, as it should be and is set off by the blue vase and even darker background. Great still life!

Len Saltiel, Dying Leaves

Autumn celebrates the end of summer with a wonderful display of color in New England. Taken from the road near a private estate near Lake Waramaug State Park in Connecticut, this scene had it all: majestic trees, a long white fence, great light and colorful dying leaves on the branches and the ground. Mother Nature provided me with a wonderful scene to capture.

Note on composition: Because Len took this photo in just the right light, the saturated orange and yellow color of the leaves is just wonderfully contrasted with the rich slightly clouded blue sky. Note how the fence acts as a leading line into another leading line--the row of trees that end at another fence in the background!

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