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Featured Photography Club Photos for October 27

Dawn Miller, Ice Drama

My photo with the bubbles is a composite. It began with the extra large bubbles from a special solution, and continued with a beach scene, dolphin from the national aquarium, the moon and a background from Antarctica. I created this to express the joyful variety of life on earth. 

Note on Composition: Composites (parts of two or more photos combined to make one image) can be everything from tacky to works of art. I like this one due to its combinations of color and shape and to what the artist is communicating.

Rodney Ross Lester, Santa Fe Sunset

This photo was taken mid winter from Rt NM 475 in the Pecos Wilderness looking over the Rio Grande valley towards Los Alamos. The area is famous for hiking and climbing and is a landscape photographer's dream. The camera was a little Pentax which provided good depth of field and I was able to rest it on the car hood to make the most of a 1/80th shutter speed.

Note on Composition: Photos taken just after sunset or before sunrise present special opportunities. Notice the range of color in the sky, from orange, then yellow, followed by very light blue transforming into rather dark blue at the top. Rodney correctly made ninety percent of this photo the sky to take advantage of this.

Kathleen Reitz, Sunset at St. Michaels

This picture was taken at my step mother’s house on San Domingo Creek, St. Michaels, Maryland in June of this year.  She is now in the last week of her life and I can imagine her walking around alone out there while my dad was reading the paper, capturing similar scenes with her eye for beauty through the four seasons.  

Note on composition: Two comments here. The beautiful radial sun effect is helped along by stopping down the aperture (a high F stop number, perhaps F-22). Kathy succeeded well in reflecting her feelings about her mother at this time. We can all relate to this, I'm sure. This is much of what art photography is all about.

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