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Featured Photography Club Photos for October 6

Steve Kane, Preparing for Autumn

I sat comfortably at my dining room table behind a sliding glass door using my Apple Watch as a remote shutter release for my Iphone placed 15 feet away just beyond my patio to get a close-up of this grateful creature.

Note on Composition: To get a close-up of a skittish animal like a squirrel normally takes a telephoto lens. The relatively wide angle of the iphone gives a different perspective than the long lens, which would compress the scene. Notice the depth of field in front and in back of the subject.

Lou Telertski, Normandy American Cemetery

This photo shows one of 10 plots at this WWII cemetery that contains the remains of 9.387 Americans that lost their life in military operations.  Included are 147 African Americans and 20 Native Americans. It is located above Omaha Beach, where the Army 29 th Division landed on D Day.   

Note on Composition: This wide angle shot demonstrates several rules of composition, including symmetry, pattern and repetition. Notice how you can see several columns that run straight on from front to back. You just stare at this photo longer than you would expect. That is the mark of a good picture.

Dawn Miller

The photo is a composite of a landscape in Connecticut. I put in a sky from another image. I created this photo in response to a class assignment with master photographer Jim Zuckerman.  

Note on composition: Dawn didn't just put in a random sky. She chose a color tone that matches the colors of the rocks. Also the large cloud in the upper left balances the large rock toward the bottom right. The fine details in the rock and trees counterbalances the fluffy smooth clouds as well.

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