April 14 - Daytime Session: How to Enter Online Exhibits 101 with Kris Kelley (via Zoom)

Lunchtime: Wednesday, April 14, at 12 noon

Learn how to present your art and yourself in the most positive way so that you can successfully enter online exhibits. Most exhibits (& online artist directories) for a variety of local and national arts organizations require you to submit information and photos of your work in very specific formats. Let professional photographer Kris Kelley teach you how to prepare your images, bios, art descriptions, and more. You will learn how to:

  • take good photos 
  • edit your images
  • name image files 
  • resize and compress your images to meet entry requirements
  • title your work
  • write a compelling description of your work
  • write a good artist bio
  • use social media - super quick overview of where & why

The information Kris will be sharing is essential for any artist who wants to successfully enter online exhibits with RiverArts and elsewhere. Kris is a professional photographer and artist, and her previous classes have been incredibly well-received due to the thoroughness of the information and the professionalism of her presentation. 

Registration Info

Use the link below to register.

RiverArts is committed to accessible classes and to compensating artists and instructors fairly.

Our classes are offered on a “pay-what-you-can” basis. Those with limited funds are welcome to enjoy full access to the class for as little as $1. Those who can are invited to pay more, which helps us provide access to creative and meaningful art experiences for all. 

We really want ALL artists to take this class, as it will help you immeasurably as you enter online exhibits for RiverArts and other organizations.

If you would like a suggestion about what we might think is a fair price for this class, we would recommend $20, or more if you are able to do so.

Please type your payment amount in the field on the "Register Now" form below. 


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