April 27: Love in the time of Covid

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Tuesday, April 27: Paul & Inez Santori

A celebration of love, art and music overcoming the adversity of the virus (with a lot of help from the medics and prayers and positive thoughts from their friends). 

Lots of laughter and joy filled this informative and celebratory visit with Paul and Inez now that Paul is well on his way to recovery after a difficult seven weeks in the hospital with covid. Watch the video above to hear their incredible story of their courtship and marriage (international scrabble was involved, as well as family visits on three continents before the wedding), the surprise inside the wedding cake that Inez wasn't expecting, and what the hospital team thought when Paul arrived at the hospital this winter (that he didn't know about until later). A boisterous, warm, and thankful conversation from the other side of the pandemic.


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