August 20: Artist Professional Development - Photographing Your Artwork w/Kris Kelley


Saturday, August 20, 10 am-12 pm

Meet at the RiverArts Gallery (315 High St. #106 in breezeway in downtown Chestertown)

Whether you are submitting your artwork for a show, documenting it for your online portfolio, or selling in your online shop, it is crucial to have good photos showcasing your artwork! In this session, photographer and artist Kris Kelley will teach you how to position, light, and photograph your work to capture every beautiful detail, using your smartphone and items found around your home. Documenting both 2d and 3d work, including glass artwork, is covered. 

We offered this very popular class during the pandemic on Zoom -- now come learn these tips in person with an expert!

If you have any topics or questions you would like Kris to address, please email her before the class at

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