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August 3 Featured Photography Club Photos

Please contact Steve Kane at to share your photos in the Photography Club. Participation in the club is always free, and all are welcome, from advanced photographers to beginners coming for the first time.

Lewis Gaynor, Flower Basket

This is a gift basket of flowers on Lewis's front steps in Centreville, MD. He is always looking for concentrations of colors in his photos. The watercolor effect he applied to this image gave each color a share of attention.

Note on Composition: Notice how the bright flowers virtually pop out of the image plane to create an amazing three dimensional effect!

Bob Miller, Sunrise at Bombay Hook

Bob took this picture at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware last March. He arrived just before the sun was rising and the marshes were full of mist and quickly set up a tripod to take this photo. A few minutes later the scene was gone.

Note on Composition: The combination of mist and rising sun along with varying shades of muted orange and brown layers all work together to make an undisturbed and serene landscape. This is an image we can all really appreciate during these troubled times.

Caroline Gabel, Moroccan Minstrel

Caroline and the tour group she was with were running through the narrow streets of the casbah, came to a sudden halt after spotting this fascinating performer and then proceeded to profusely click their shutters.

Note on Composition: It's all the details that make this picture, like the expressive face, the coins in the tray, the possibly alcoholic drink, the motion in his right hand. And you can almost hear the music and song. Can you envision this minstrel's story?


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