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Photographing Your Artwork with Kris Kelley

Participants in this previous class enjoyed the program so much that we've made the hour-long video available via Vimeo for a small fee.

Thank you to Kris for this excellent thorough and professional presentation.

One of the attendees commented that the class was "very clear, specific and comprehensive. I expect I will come back to this information many times in the future."

Photographing Your Artwork with Kris Kelley

Watch this video on Vimeo

Whether you are submitting your artwork for a show, documenting it for your online portfolio, or selling in your online shop, it is crucial to have good photos showcasing your artwork! In this session, photographer and artist Kris Kelley will teach you how to position, light, and photograph your work to capture every beautiful detail, using your smartphone and items found around your home. Documenting both 2d and 3d work, including glass artwork, is covered. 


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