May 17 - RiverArts Salon: The Artistic Adventures of Blue Tulip with Posey Boicourt (via Zoom)

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Tuesdays from 5 - 5:45, on Zoom

Posey Boicourt

on “Becoming Blue Tulip”

Based on her book Blue Tulip:  an artistic adventure with painter Francois Joseph Kinsoen and his niece Adele, author Posey Boicourt invites you along as she rediscovers the world of a forgotten portrait painter from Bruges in her family who emigrated to Paris and quickly rose to work for Napoleon and royal courts of France and the Netherlands. 

A discussion following may include the following topics:

1.      A reassessment of familiar and perhaps familial “treasures”.

2.      The importance of salon culture, then and now:  networking

3.     Collaboration:  the dilemma of finding a publisher and the importance of collaboration,  including sources of all kinds from and on the Eastern Shore

Books may be ordered via Posey’s website: or, if you prefer via her email

Spy Chat: In Search of Family and the Art of François Joseph Kinsoen -