Mar 25 - Pysanky: Creating a New World Vision From Ancient Design with Coreen Weilminster (via Zoom)

Thursday, March 25, 6-8 pm

Considered by many to be a "sacred magical art", the creation of a talisman with specific intentions written into the life-giving egg, the Pysanky is an ancient means to celebrate the cycles and events in nature and in life. Created using motifs rooted in nature and the cycles of life, designs are made with simple instruments (made of wood and copper) called kistkas, the humble materials of beeswax and candlelight, and intensely vibrant dyes.

Create a beautiful egg in the time-honored Ukrainian tradition of Pysanky, or create a symbolic piece of art to invoke a new world vision. This workshop will explore the art in a free form, using symbolism that tells a specific story and holds a deliberate intention. 

You will need the supplies listed below -- and eggs! You will receive a virtual copy of “Let’s Write a Pysanka” booklet.

Virtual Pysanky Class “To Do”

Please have the following materials prepared in advance of class:

2 weeks prior to class:

Purchase the following items:

  • Optional item: this Egg Blowing tool
  • this Pysanky Kit
  • Kit contains :
  • 6 aniline dyes
  • Plan to have 6 wide-mouth containers (glass is best) with tight fitting lids to store dyes for future use.
  • Writing tool (Kitska)
  • Beeswax 

A few days prior to class:

  • Make the dyes
  • These need to be made at least 24 hrs in advance of the class (they must be cooled to room temperature for class)
  • Buy eggs (need to be room temperature for activity) and White vinegar
  • Watch this video for a sense of what we will be doing

Day of class:

Set up work station:

  • Scratch paper
  • Pencil
  • Small dish of white vinegar - Paper towels
  • Candle (to heat the kitska)
  • Lighter/matches
  • Table cover & spoons for dyes
  • Soft, clean cloth to lay the egg on while working (folded into a “bed” for the egg)
  • A few q-tips, or fine paint brush for detail work
  • An empty egg carton will help you store your piece safely.

Please note: We will be working on raw eggs. The technique I teach has the eggs emptied just before wax removal. If you have access to a microwave, I will also teach a 21st century “hack” for using it to remove the wax from the emptied eggs.


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