March 4, 2023: Pysanky: Ukrainian Egg Decorating with Coreen Weilminster

Saturday, March 4, 12pm

At RiverArts Education Center -- 200 High St (Door B) in downtown Chestertown, MD (next to the Clay Studio & across from Evergrain Bakery).

Considered by many to be a "sacred magical art", the creation of a talisman with specific intentions written into the life-giving egg, the Pysanky is an ancient means to celebrate the cycles and events in nature and in life. Created using motifs rooted in nature and the cycles of life, designs are made with simple instruments (made of wood and copper) called kistkas, the humble materials of beeswax and candlelight, and intensely vibrant dyes.

Create a beautiful egg in the time-honored Ukrainian tradition of Pysanky, or create a symbolic piece of art to invoke a new world vision. This workshop will explore the art in a free form, using symbolism that tells a specific story and holds a deliberate intention. 

Instructor will provide ALL supplies including specialized pysanky tools, eggs, dyes, & more. Please bring an empty egg carton to transport your decorated egg home safely.


If you would like to purchase your own kit for future use, either before or after the class, follow these links:

  • Optional item: this Egg Blowing tool
  • this Pysanky Kit
  • Kit contains :
  • 6 aniline dyes
  • Plan to have 6 wide-mouth containers (glass is best) with tight fitting lids to store dyes for future use.
  • Writing tool (Kitska)
  • Beeswax 

I spoke with a very kind man at the Ukrainian Gift Shop who said they make the kits in-house & usually ship them the next day. They would very much appreciate your support.

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