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RiverArts Salon, One Year Later

The First RiverArts Salon was on Tuesday, April 21, 2020

In the year since that day, we've met nearly every Tuesday at 5pm to take a break and talk with interesting people about interesting topics: to "learn something new, share ideas, explore interesting topics, see and be seen, and have fun."

How much do you know about first year of Salons?

Click the button below to answer some Salon trivia questions. Answers will be revealed on Monday, April 16, 2021. One correct answer to each question will be chosen at random. Prizes may include:

  • RiverArts Environmentally Sustainable Glassware
  • Certificate for 10% off a Gift Shop purchase
  • Ice Cream Cone Coin from Stam's Luncheonette
  • And more!

We welcome suggestions for Salon guests and topics. Please fill out the form below (confusingly labeled "Register Now") to let us know who you'd like us to invite, and your ideas for good discussion topics!

Banner image: Les femmes à la table en l'absence de leurs maris, Abraham Bosse.


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