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Featured Photography Club Photos for September 15

Skip Vanderslice, Summer's End

It was a beautiful evening on the Sassafras River in Georgetown for this Labor Day event. I arrived early and found a good spot to set up near the Harbor View ice cream stand on Queens St. It's nice that fireworks in September can start earlier than they do in July. I thought that the sponsors put on one of their best displays ever - a great way to mark the end of the summer vacation season.

Note on Composition: Very colorful and sharp long exposure. Great composition too. Skip surely has perfected his technique.

Susan Basener, Stormy Morning in the Park

I was attracted to the gentle curve of the grasses along the Chester River mirrored by the path in Wilmer Park. Standing on the pavilion, I was able to include the dog playing in the park along with the clouds warning of an impending storm. 

Note on Composition: I think it's a compliment to say this looks like a painting. All the elements of the photo are placed just right. Even though the dog is so very small, it is crucial to this composition.

Caroline Gabel, Space in a Frame

The view is of skylights in my house on the Chester. I looked up without really thinking, saw the Mediterranean, maybe Greece, with all its sea, sky and whitewashed homes. Shot it.

Note on composition: Sometimes something you see everyday that you would never think of shooting turns out to be interesting when you look through the lens of a camera. All the curves and straight lines working together with the different shades of light. And imagine what's out the window!

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