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Featured Photography Club Photos for September 22

Phyllis Ryan, Pavilion at Wilmer Park

I took this photo early in the morning. The lines of the porch and the handrail direct attention toward the sunrise and its reflection in the water.

Note on Composition: Phyllis uses the corner of the fence to literally point to where she wants your eye to go--the sun/reflection. Her use of early morning light diffused by the clouds creates an eerie atmosphere and almost painterly effect.

Bob Miller, Bald Eagle at Conowingo Dam

I took this photo with a 500 mm lens on a tripod. Every year in November and early December hundreds of Eagles congregate at the Dam--one of the largest concentrations in the country.

Note on Composition: The eagle is such a majestic bird and Bob's shot of it in the clear sky all alone with the head and left wing lit just right emphasized that feeling.

Rodney Lester, Swan Creek Marina

I took this in late afternoon at Swan Creek Marina at the end March this year with my Nikon D7000. 

Note on composition: Usually one thinks of leading lines being gentle curves, but here Rodney uses a 90 degree angled pier to lead to the boat, which is the only brightly colored object in the photo. Soft misty background contrasts with all the hard lines in front of it. 

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