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Featured Photography Club Photos for September 29

Len Saltiel, Oxbow Bend

I took this photo at Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton National Park, which is a magnet for photographers. On any given morning, long before sunrise, photographers lineup and hope to have beautiful light and clouds so that the mountains are mirrored on the still waters of the Snake River. It is up to Mother Nature to come through like she did on this particular morning.

Note on Composition: The reflection takes up about 80% of the picture. It is the main subject of this photo. Most photographers would do the reverse. Note the foreground tree on the right. It helps frame the picture, but also adds to the feeling of depth. Wonderful composition and execution!

William Trainor, It's Sunday

We are traveling West on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on Sunday with a nice 45 min back up, looking through the side mirror at those behind all going 15 mph. My wife was driving, not me.

Note on Composition: This is all about reflections. The mirror reflects the backup behind the car, but also the bridge is reflected on the side of the car. Could this jumbled image on the door symbolize the negative emotions of the occupants?

Lew Gayner, March Reflections

This is a small pond near Blackwater National Refuge I've driven by numerous times and always wanted to photograph. Finally, I had the time and gear to do it. Places and scenes like this invariably make me calm and think about how beautiful and soothing nature can be.

Note on composition: A relatively light sky and dark calm pond surface make for a wonderful reflection of the trees in the water.

Has anyone noticed a theme in these 3 photos? 

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