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Smartphone Filmmaking with Adams Wood

RiverArts Video Production

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Filmmaker Adams Wood teaches you how to give your smartphone video a little extra polish so you can share your work and your skills with confidence. Learn helpful tips and techniques on lighting, framing, sound, and post-production.

Smartphone Videography Helpful Hints

If you are a RiverArts artist, member, staff, Board who is making a video for RiverArts, please click here to go to a Google Form where you can upload your video clips for post-production.

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If you are here for Helpful Hints, here they are:

  • Hold your phone horizontal except in special circumstances.
  • Remember the Rule of Thirds.
  • Make sure your subject is lit from the front, not the back.
  • Use an external microphone and/or get close to your smartphone for best sound quality. 
  • Don’t be afraid to do multiple shots instead of one continuous take.
  • Consider doing separate shots for you introduction and conclusion, and retake if necessary to get a good one! 
  • When using static images of artwork, it can be best to take these separately as still photos. 

Questions? Visit Adams Wood's website and click Contact, or email


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