Oct 14 - Intro to Smartphone Photography with Kris Kelley

Today, photography is more accessible than ever in history. Through incredible advances in technology, cameras have gone from weighing hundreds of pounds and requiring hours to develop a single photo, to being as small as a pinhead and capturing dozens of photos in an instant. Thanks to smartphones with built-in cameras, everyone has the opportunity to be a photographer!

In this one hour course, learn how to use your smartphone to capture stunning photos and expand your creative horizons. In addition to learning how to use your smartphone's camera in ways you never knew possible, you will learn the foundational elements of great photography: lighting, composition, color, and editing. 

At the end of the class, students are invited to participate in our 7 day smartphone photography challenge, culminating in a curated virtual gallery to be displayed on our website.

Format: Taught LIVE via Zoom

Date/Time: Wednesday, October 14, 12-1 pm

Suggested Donation: $25 (see Registration Info in box at upper right)

Photo credit: Kris Kelley. “This is one of my favorite smartphone photos of my mother's cat when he was a kitten. I use this photo as an example for lighting and composition throughout the lesson.”

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