March 30 - RiverArts Salon: Reading & Writing Diversity with Traci Williams

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Tuesday, March 30 Salon: Reading and Writing Diversity with Traci Williams

Writer & performing artist Traci Williams joined us to talk about about Maximum Capacity, a libretto she wrote for an opera that was performed at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Click the button below to read a short scene from the libretto.

Thanks to Patricia Dietz, Lillian Schimp, and John Schratweiser for doing a wonderful cold reading of this piece!

Traci is a writer and performing artist. In 2019, she participated as a performing artist in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, a world-class, contemporary performing arts festival that challenges convention and inspires new ways of thinking. In addition to being a performing artist, Traci has written and co-directed plays, and has been an active guest speaker and lecturer on performing arts, responsive teaching, and race, gender, and identity.  Her writing has appeared in multiple performance and poetry publications, including Caffe Cino and Labrys Art & Literature. In 2017, she received a Massachusetts’s Best Emerging Poets award.

In 2020, Traci returned to CCBC to be Coordinator of the Office of Intercultural Engagement, where she works to promote and support access and equity for all persons of every race and ethnic heritage, gender, religion, ability, linguistic diversity, and sexual orientation. 

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