RiverArts Salon: Lifelong Learning with WC-ALL Leadership

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Jan Elvin and David White: Lifelong Learning with WC-ALL Leadership

Jan Elvin and David White of Washington College's Academy for Lifelong Learning spoke about the important intellectual and social benefits of lifelong learning and the incredible breadth and depth of their programs. You'll have a chance to give input on future programs, instructors, and format.

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Jan Elvin

Jan is a writer who has spent most of her career with the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington, DC. She founded and edited the NPP Journal, a quarterly publication of the National Prison Project of the ACLU. 

She worked as a court liaison and victim advocate with the Abused Persons Program in Montgomery County, MD, primarily with the Spanish speaking population. 

Jan is also the author of The Box from Braunau: In Search of My Father’s War, a memoir published in 2009. It depicts the effects of combat in WWII and the liberation of a concentration camp on her father and his family. She lives in Chestertown with her dog, Nacho, and enjoys biking, writing, genealogy, and WC-ALL classes.

Since arriving in Chestertown, she has been a volunteer with Mid-Shore Pro Bono Family Law Clinic, the Community Good Pantry, and is the current Chair of the WC-ALL Council. She loves the welcoming vibe of Chestertown, its lively cultural scene, and kayaking from her back door.

David White

David White is a U.S. Navy Veteran who served during the Vietnam War as Staff, Commander-in-Chief and US 6th Fleet. He attended Bucknell University during his undergraduate career and carried on to continue his PhD in History at the University of Virginia. He was President of the WC-ALL Council at Washington College in 2017/18.


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