June 23: Wild Painting in the Evening with Paul Santori

Thursday, June 23, from 5 - 8 pm

RiverArts member Paul E. Santori is a nationally recognized artist whose works can be found in collections locally, nationally and internationally. Paul works in a variety of styles including plein air painting. RiverArts invites you to join Paul in the wilds of the Eastern Shore for a painting excursion.

During the painting session, Paul will share some of the techniques and approaches involved in his vibrant and energetic approach which emphasizes an emotive response to landscape rather than a purely representational methodology. The first session Paul will be painting with acrylics, the second oil; however either are welcome in each session.

This class is geared towards people with an established art practice so attendees will be responsible for providing their own tools and materials.

Meet-up location suggestions are welcome. You will be notified regarding final details by email.

It is noted that two classes are being offered, one mid-afternoon and the other late-afternoon/evening. This is to accommodate people's availability; however, you are welcome to sign up for either or both sessions.

Banner Photo Credit: Sassafras River by Paul Santori

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